Raspberry Pi Timelapse 1: Introduction

Raspberry Pi Timelapse 1: Introduction

We have been growing plants indoors using a small hydroponic system with an array of LED lights. To monitor their progress, along with our other plants sharing the benefit of the lights, I used an Android-powered tablet propped up with its own keyboard case to capture images every 30 minutes:


While it worked well, it was vulnerable to being knocked over and being moved around. Retrieving images and checking its progress was tedious, and also jarred the position of the tablet. After ~3 months of this setup, it produced usable results:

However, there are more elegant solutions that require less power, and are far more customizable. In the next few posts, I’ll explain how I configured a Raspberry Pi Zero W to capture images using a webcam on a tripod.

As of this writing, I have a basic configuration running. In the future, I intend to work with some machine learning to perform quality assurance on the images.

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